Samvetet Filmen
Film 1

The Conscience

Millions of Swedes are suffering because of the effects from certain types of antidepressants, the SSRIs. The whole of society is affected by the antidepressant whose main effect is that you "care" less. No one speaks today of the effect which is in fact a reduction in conscience and empathy. A soldier with nightmares and guilt feelings takes the same medication as does a Swedish judge...

Offret Filmen
Film 2

The Victims

Doctors and relatives to patients testify how SSRIs can not only lead to new feelings of suspicion and jealousy, but also to murder, suicide, and birth defects. Mothers who are fooled into believing that they are mentally ill, are told that they are a danger to their child and that SSRIs are the solution. Patients also lose their sexuality and start gaining weight. Mourners are getting the same kind of SSRIs as their deceased loved ones were getting for the mear fact that they are mourning.

Lögnen Filmen
Film 3

The Lie

The authorities and the media do not scrutinize the scientists who advocate increasing this medication for the Swedish population. The corruption is so sophisticated that Public Service television and radio, against formal rules, permit the proliferation of the pharmaceutical advertising campaigns. These are payed for by the same pharmaceutical companies that also handle doctor`s training programs. PR agencies wash advertising and thereby turn it into "information." What do the Swedes do about this?