The well-known American journalist Robert Whitaker will take you on a journey through questions that vex millions of people around the world. Drug companies have for many years been given free access to the very heart of Swedish media, medical authorities, universities and the government. When phycisians and scientists are interviewed in media about new diagnoses and medicines, journalists never question the validity of their so called findings.

The judicial system has not been interested in this irregularity.  In contrast to the older generation of psychiatrists, who just put people on medication, write books about their own findings, make money on this and further their own career, the new generation of psychiatrists seems to be more interested in helping their patients. Employees in Swedish psychiatric care now have a unique opportunity to get information that they should have been given by Swedish authorities a long time ago.

Robert Whitaker speaks about what history and science have to say about the long term outcome of antipsychotics. He also talks about the science behind antidepressants and asks the important question: Where are all bipolar patients coming from? Then he shifts the topic to children and asks the following key question: How do psychiatric medications act on the brain and how does the brain respond to the presence of the drugs?

The lecture is divided in 4 parts. Total time 3h 35min.

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